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Editorial Collaboration

Customers ambitious, with exceptional abilities to use the Polish language, eager to broaden their horizons, we invite you to cooperate with the portal editorial. Guarantee the possibility of obtaining references and a certificate of completion of internship as a “Editor Portal – Trainee”. We offer non-financial incentive scheme, flexible working arrangements and access to information relating to the preparation in marketing projects, advertising its activities on the site, adding to the constant editor. Do not hesitate – Grow With Us! Feel free to contact: (in the title: “Editors”).

Media Sponsorships

Portal is interested in taking up media patronage over events, offering players the events, publications related to marketing activity, business. We provide marketing support, publication of the logo, banners, mailing information in an internal website and a description of the Partners tab. Feel free to contact: (in the title: “Patronage”).


Data on the website contact the editors:

Telephone: +48 71 707 22 95

Fax: +48 71 707 22 76


Contact form:

Prosimy o podanie informacji kontaktowych oraz treści wiadomości. Postaramy się odpowiedzieć w jak najszybszym czasie.

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